Data visualization exercise


Responsibilities: User journey, UI designs, prototypes for desktop & mobile

Tools used: Adobe Photoshop, InVision, Marvel

Project for a startup called Canvs. Canvs is a tool used by marketers seeking info on the response of Twitter users to linear show content. The goal of the exercise was to create a summary view/dashboard that illustrates how conversation flows over the hours before, during, and after a particular program. Reactions are divided into categories such as cry, sentimental, and love. In this example, I used data gathered from reactions to the series finale of The Colbert Report.


Desktop and mobile designs.

In the top module, reactions are sorted by keywords and hashtags. Below, the Top Three Reactions are determined by the words most frequently used within the hours of the show's airing.


To clarify how a Canvs user would interact with this data, I created desktop and mobile prototypes which can be viewed by clicking the buttons below.