Single sign-on flows and promo designs

Client: A+E Networks - all brands

Responsibilities: User journeys for SSO registration and sign-in processes, designs for promos across A+E pages

Tools used: Cacoo, Sketch

Results: 96% increase in user registration in two weeks

Here's a great example of how one seemingly minor feature update led to a dramatic increase in acquiring user data. The single sign-on (SSO) process was created to allow users to have a better viewing experience when switching between devices. Having a profile allows them to continue watching a program from the spot where they left off, should they leave a site before completing the entire program.


User flows demonstrating the SSO registration and sign-in processes (click to enlarge).


This SSO feature had been available to users for several weeks, but it wasn't promoted anywhere on the sites. Below are the promo designs which appeared on both show landing pages and show video pages.


Registration promo on a show landing page (desktop only).


Registration promo on a video page (desktop and mobile).


In just two weeks after the promos went live, there was a 96% increase in the number of users who registered, which made the project manager and our CRM team very happy.  :)  View the live promo to see how it works!