This Day In HISTORY redesign

Client: A+E Networks, HISTORY

Responsibilities: User journey, wireframes, final design deliverables

Results: Increased traffic to other areas of the HISTORY site by 3%; increased signups to TDIH newsletter by 1,100%

I went into the redesign of This Day In HISTORY (TDIH) with several goals. First was to improve the experience across mobile devices, as the original design was not responsive. My secondary goals were to increase engagement within the TDIH pages and other areas of the HISTORY site, and to increase signups to the TDIH daily newsletter.


The old landing page. Ugly. Not mobile friendly. Unacceptable!


To increase engagement within the TDIH pages, I added an interactive calendar to the site header for users to access articles for any day of the year. I also added secondary TDIH articles in the right rail (desktop design) and below the Lead Story article (desktop and mobile designs). I created Related Video and More On This Topic carousels below the Lead Story, which link to other sections of the HISTORY site. As a result, traffic from TDIH to other areas of HISTORY increased by 3%.


The new landing page. Much better!


The newsletter signup block was easy to miss on the old page. In the new design, it appears in the page header and as a flyout message that follows the user as they scroll down the page. Thanks to the addition of these features, email signups increased by an amazing 1,100% in 60 days following the redesign launch.


Gotta collect that visitor data!